The ALTIMA Group

The ALTIMA GROUP is a conglomerate holding investments in various sectors, namely food and distribution, property related business, and financial services. Altima Ltd, the holding company, extends support and various services to all the companies forming part of the Group. Such services may be of managerial, technical or financial nature, amongst others.

The companies operating under the ALTIMA umbrella are well established and dynamic players in their respective industries, and include:

  • Innodis Ltd, a listed public company with an annual multi-billion MUR turnover;
  • Citius Ltd Citius P Ltd, Altima (Operations) Ltd, Amplitius Ltd, among others, which steer the property-related activities of the Group.

The Group also holds investments in the financial services sector through Alter Domus (Mauritius) Ltd, a management company and joint venture with the Alter Domus Group, a leading provider of outsourced administration services.

Innodis Ltd, which has been serving the community for close to 50 years, has not only been a key player in its market segment, but has also been engineering to a large extent the growth of the industry.

ALTIMA was among the first to offer companies the opportunity to rent modern offices outside the increasingly congested capital city, and provide them with new anchors for the expansion and delocalization of their ICT and back office operations, notably in the CyberCity.

Key affiliate Companies