February 2, 2022

Your new health kick : Be Well Kefir

Meet our exciting new Be Well Kefir , a fermented milk drink and the newest addition to the Innodis DairyVale family. A special fermentation method using a kefir culture produces this cultured milk drink, packed with a larger variety of gut-friendly probiotics than a regular probiotic yoghurt, which helps strengthen the digestive and immune systems.

Innodis is proud to be the first in Mauritius to produce kefir. Enjoy your kefir plain and simply sweetened (‘Nature Sucré’), or indulge in our exciting flavours: Raspberry and Pomegranate, Mango and Turmeric, and Strawberry and Chia Seeds. Be Well Kefir is low-fat, yet delectably creamy. It can be enjoyed on its own as a drink, with your favourite breakfast cereal, and is also delicious when used as a base for a smoothie!