Corporate Group Inspiration

The distinct positioning of the company, supported by an image of strength, vision and modernity, is embodied in the design of the Altima logo. It takes into consideration that Altima Ltd is not just a provider of goods and services to customers but aspires to play a leading role as an actor for progress and development in this country.

The inspiration behind Altima’s logo was the Sigmoid Curve, a curve that sums up the story of life itself… and that in the business world, symbolises the need to start a new cycle as the previous one matures.

Our Objectives

Altima’s objective and challenge are to manage this paradox – to be able to live ahead of the curve – to actively create the next wave with clear vision and flair, while nurturing the existing base.

The logo thus evokes visions of a company committed to attaining new heights, always reaching for more, unrelenting in its quest to conquer new horizons.

The Group is led by a team of visionaries, whose aspiration is to bridge the traditional and the modern, and align its activities on international standards and practices, while integrating avant-garde concepts and ideas and state-of-the-art technologies in the provision of its products and services.