Property Related Business


The property segment of the Group is operated through our subsidiaries Citius Ltd, Citius P Ltd, and Amplitius Ltd.

The first building we constructed was the Altima Building, with 7 levels, in the Ebène CyberCity. Leading banking institutions, such as Barclays Bank Plc and Deutsche Bank, featured among the tenants. We completed our second building, Ebène Heights, in 2009. It currently houses tenants in the like of Regus Business Centres (Mauritius) Ltd, a member of the Regus Group Plc, the Mauritius Research Council, the Mauritius Beach Authority, as well as our own corporate office.

Finally, a third building was constructed on lot 31 of the Cybercity, known today as the KPMG Centre. The building houses a retail branch of the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd. We are currently acting as Syndic for the co-owners in the building.